About Us

 Susrutha Peoples Hospital is a super specialty Hospital with latest Technology and Equipments with well experienced doctors. The premier multi-speciality tertiary care hospital of district has been acknowledged as the centre of medical excellence. The kind of confidence, trust it has developed on strong foundation of the district-of the-art facilities, best medical expertise, reaserch that today it serves patients from all walks of life. Based on a Sanskrit inspiration-“SARVETRA SUKHINA: SANTHU, SARVE SANTU NIRAMAYA which means -“Let all be blissful, Let all stay healthy”, the hospital has focused its operation on providing quality with a human touch, which truly reflects the essence of its motto A UNION OF COMPASSION + HEALTHCARE”.

The Susrutha Peoples Hospital has created a new era in mahabubnagar district. Our hospital accomplished 12 years earlier and It has started with 25 beds and now it boasts of 140 beds with 11 special medical diseases are treated.

Susrutha Peoples Hospital has been providing quality health care for the people in their diverse medical needs. People trust us because of the strong relationships we have built with the move for the years. Under astute leadership and strong management, Susrutha Peoples Hospital has evolved as a centre of excellence in providing the highest quality standards of medical treatments.

Constantly pushing our horizons to excellence, we are continuously seeking solution to provide better patient  care by improving our overall facilities of hospital management and at the same time ensuring control on the patient cost.


Susrutha Peoples Hospital is committed to delivering the highest standards of healthcare and is supported by a stringent quality assurance program based on four core principles:

  • Focus on the patient
  • Focus on systems & processes
  • Focus on performance measurement
  • Focus on team work.



Our continuous search for the best practices in healthcare has Lead to our superior quality and performance. We have emerged As “leaders in the field” with our rare and complex procedures, employing most advanced technology for quick and safe treatment.


The best team of doctors with excellent experience and expertise in all the specialties. Our team doctors are certified, experienced in wide range of subspecialties and passionate about improving patient care. The team available round the clock (24/7).