24 HRS, Accident, Emergency Treatment

The accident and emergency (A&E;) department at the Susrutha Peoples Hospital provides ad 24-hour a day, 365 days a year, emergency medical service dealing with problems varying from the minor to the life-threatening. In general we deal with patients who require immediate care, either as a result of an accident or a medical or surgical emergency. The department is divided into a children’s area, and adult area, an Urgent Care Centre (10am to 9pm, 7 days a week), and a clinical decision unit.The A&E; department is led by consultants who are supported by other doctors and a team of general and specialist nurses, emergency department assistants, radiographers, housekeepers and administrative staff. Doctors in other specialties work closely with the department. The resources of the main hospital are available for those who require them but we aim to provide as much benefit as possible for the patient from within the department. We aim provide all relevant services in a timely manner and we constantly strive to meet the Government’s aim to have all treatment provided within four hours. Occasionally we are extremely busy and may not manage this. If this occurs we ask for your understanding and patience. We will always treat patients in the order of clinical need. Our specializations:
1. Laparoscopic surgery
2. ICU
5. Burns Ward
6. Fertility Center
7. E.S.W.L.
8. Hysteroscopy
7. Arthroscopy
10. Physiotherapy
11. 24 Hrs. Accident, Emergency Treatment